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On-Demand Webinar: 5 Keys to Top Sales Performance

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Written by Erica Stritch
Vice President, RAIN Group

Buying in the last few years has changed more than ever. Buyers are more educated, they're distracted and short on time, and options are endless.

Sellers and sales organizations are struggling to keep up.

There are specific actions that Top Performers and Top-Performing Sales Organizations take that allow them to achieve superior results.

Through the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research, we analyzed data from 472 sellers and executives from mid-size to some of the world’s largest companies to learn what they do to achieve top sales performance.

In this webinar, Mike Schultz, President of RAIN Group, Director of the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research, and bestselling author of Insight Selling, shares 5, data-backed keys to top sales performance that will help you unleash your sales potential in 2018.

You'll learn:

  • 1 big idea—one absolute essential—that you need to perform at elite levels in sales
  • 5 keys to help you get to top sales performance
  • What the top sales organizations and sellers do to beat their sales goals
  • How to maximize your own sales motivation and unleash your sales potential
  • The 3 sales skills you and your team must possess

If you want to keep up with the changing buyer behaviors and reach top sales performance in 2018, this webinar is a must-watch.

Click here to access the on-demand webinar.

Click here to download the research report.

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