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30 Tweetable Sales Quotes from Insight Selling

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Written by Erica Stritch
Vice President, RAIN Group

Today's sales winners harness the power of ideas. Our latest book, Insight Selling, outlines exactly what sellers need to do to transform into insight sellers, and start inspiring buyers with valuable new perspectives.

These bite-sized quotes pulled directly from the pages of Insight Selling can provide you and your sales team with the motivation and tips to help you do just that.

Tweet them and share the sales quotes:

1.   "Seller superiority is one of the most powerful differentiators that affects purchase decision."   sales tweet
2.   "Connect, convince, and collaborate. This is what sales winners do better than 2nd place finishers."   sales tweet
3.   "Sellers who win connect—connect with people and connect the dots between needs and solutions."   sales tweet
4.   "Solutions sales is not dead—not even mostly dead. But it has changed."   sales tweet
5.   "By bringing new ideas, sellers can shape buyer belief systems and approaches to action."   sales tweet
6.   "Diagnosing needs isn't nearly as important as simply demonstrating understanding of needs."   sales tweet
7.   "Buyers have to see why a seller stands out from other options. You have to differentiate."   sales tweet
8.   "Sales winners educate with new ideas almost 3x more often than 2nd place finishers."   sales tweet
9.   "Buyers want to be surprised and inspired."   sales tweet
10.   "It's during collaboration [between buyers & sellers] that ideas are born and insights come alive."   sales tweet
11.   "Buyers want to talk to sellers, but only if they bring value to the table."   sales tweet
12.   "Insight is a tremendous opportunity for sellers willing and able to take advantage of it."   sales tweet
13.   "Insight selling is creating sales opportunities and driving change with ideas that matter."   sales tweet
14.   "When sellers think of themselves as change agents, a whole new world of possibilities opens up."   sales tweet
15.   "When sellers build personal connections, it lays the foundation for trust."   sales tweet
16.   "Change agents are great at selling ideas and bringing them to life."   sales tweet
17.   "Trust is the sum of 3 factors: competence, integrity, and intimacy."   sales tweet
18.   "Insight sellers add value over and above the products and services they sell."   sales tweet
19.   "There are 2 types of resonance—rational & emotional. Sellers should keep both in mind."   sales tweet
20.   "There are 2 buying modes—problem solving & future seeking."   sales tweet
21.   "Sales winners make strong personal relationships at more than 2x the rate of 2nd place finishers."   sales tweet
22.   "The more buyers see you as a source of insight, the more they see how you can help them succeed."   sales tweet
23.   "Ask disruptive questions to push buyers out of their comfort zones and into the learning zone."   sales tweet
24.   "When buyers perceive a seller as providing new ideas, the seller has a huge advantage."   sales tweet
25.   "Collaborate and involve, and you'll get results."   sales tweet
26.   "Buyers will accept the advice of insight sellers only to the extent they trust them."   sales tweet
27.   "Buyers have to believe that sellers can deliver on their promises. You have to substantiate."   sales tweet
28.   "Not everyone buys the same way for the same reasons."   sales tweet
29.   "The more trust you build, the more buyers are open to gaining insight from you."   sales tweet
30.   "In a sea of perceived product and service sameness, sellers themselves are the difference."   sales tweet

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